Sunday, May 3, 2009

Where is God?

People come to me and they say, ”Where is God? We cannot see him.” I look at them and I inquire, ”Do you really want to seek him, REALLY? Close your eyes,” I say to them, ”and look into your heart. Are you really in passionate love with God? You really want to see him?” And they say, ”Not really.” Then how do you suppose to know him?
God – I have seen so many people’s hearts – is the last item on their list. There are other things to do first. When all is done, then comes God. He is always the last in the queue. And, of course, the queue is never going to end. God will never be the first this way, because in the world nothing ever is completed. You do one thing; a thousand and one things arise out of it and you go on getting more and more entangled in the world and the queue becomes bigger and bigger and God is forced farther back, farther back. And then you want to see him. No, it is not possible.