Saturday, April 10, 2010


GOD CAN ONLY BE KNOWN if you have known yourself. And where are you? You are not in your head, you are in your heart. The head can fall into a coma, you will still be alive. There are people who fall into comas and remain in comas for years.
Once you are in a coma you will be utterly unconscious. The mind will not be functioning any more, you will almost be vegetating. But you are still alive, because the heart is still beating. Once the heart stops then all stops.
So your life is somehow rooted in the heart, not in the head. The heart seems to be the contact point between you and the eternal. It is through the heart that you are plugged in with the eternal. And one has to know one’s heart: that is self-knowledge, that is the meaning of ”Know thyself.” Because it is only by knowing your heart that you will know the contact with the universe. Entering into your heart, you will become able to enter into the ultimate.