Monday, September 21, 2009

Create your face

Unless you create your face you will not find any face. You come faceless into the world. Unless you create your soul you don’t have any. You can have only that which you create.
Don’t take it for granted. That has been one of the causes of greatest miseries to humanity, that people think they have souls. How can you have if you have not created it in the first place? You can have only that which you create. You can possess only that which you have created.
Religion should be that creativity – creating a soul, creating a face, creating a being out of nothingness. Then there is joy, then there is great exaltation. Then life has zest, juice, flow, thrill.
Then life pulsates, is adventure; is not monotony, is not a nightmare. Then trees start growing in your desert, birds start singing in your wasteland, flowers come, clouds come, and the emptiness is no more empty; it is full of life.
Let me repeat: the meaning has to be created.

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