Thursday, March 25, 2010

Reason and the Heart

Reason cannot find him. Reason is not the only door in your being, there are deeper doors in your being. Are you not aware of the heart? Can’t you feel the beat of the heart? Have you not seen anything happening through the heart? When you look at a lotus flower and you feel the beauty, is it reason? Can reason prove that the flower is beautiful?
Reason has not even been able to define what beauty is. For the rational mind there is no beauty. But you know that beauty exists, and when you see it you are overwhelmed by it. The rational mind says there is no beauty, this is just an illusion, a projection, a dream.
The full-moon night: is it just an illusion? The hypnotic splendour of it: is it just a projection of your mind? It can’t be so, because even the ocean, which has no mind, is affected. It can’t be so. When the sun rises even birds are affected – it can’t be just the mind and its projection.
Beauty exists. But reason has no way to approach it, it is felt from the heart. Have you not felt beauty? Love exists: that too is not through reason, that too is felt from the heart. When you fall in love can you justify it rationally? Can you say what love is? Nobody has yet been able to.
The experience of beauty, the experience of good, the experience of love, the experience of truth. All these experiences happen: don’t try to reach them through reason, they happen through the heart. All these experiences come through the heart.

God is not a person somewhere sitting high in heaven, He is truth, He is good, He is beauty.
These are the experiences that stir your heart. And God is the ultimate experience through the heart. Knowing the real through the heart is the meaning of experiencing God. Knowing the real through the mind is the experience of matter. The reality is one.
Never fall into the fallacy of thinking that there are two realities – matter and consciousness, God and the world. No. The reality is one; that which is, is one. But that one can be approached in two ways. You have two approaches possible. You can reach it through the head: then it is matter, then the interpretation of reality comes in materialistic terms. Or you can reach it through the heart, and then it is God.
These are our interpretations. And certainly the interpretation that comes from the heart is higher, is deeper, is more profound. And it transforms your life: it transports you into another dimension of bliss, of benediction.

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