Thursday, March 25, 2010

Use reason to its optimum but then ....

Use reason, but it takes you only to the door. It cannot take you inside the temple, it takes you up to the door. Use reason, but don’t be caught by it, don’t be stuck with it.
When you use your reason to its optimum – you would see that it comes to a certain extent, it takes you to a certain point, and then it is stuck, then it is exhausted. And reality goes on spreading beyond it, so reality is bigger than reason.
Use reason as far as it can take you, but then don’t remain there. Go beyond it.
Use reasoning but always remember there is something beyond it. Never forget the beyond.
Use reason, reach the door, remember that the real is still to happen. Wait. Wait in tremendous openness, remain vulnerable. Don’t become closed, don’t start making a conclusion. A conclusion means you are becoming closed. If reason can give you a conclusion, this way or that, for or against God, you are finished; then there is no beyond.
See the point that reason is inconclusive, and remain non-conclusive and wait. You have come to the door, now his presence will take you in.
But now you can understand how it happened. When you come to the extreme point of your reason, and if you are still available, not closed – if you have not concluded, this way or that way, if you have not yet become a theist or an atheist, if you still have the awareness that reason remains inconclusive – then you will be taken in by his presence. He will appear as a master and will take you in. And then it can happen in a single moment. When one is standing on the boundary, then in a single moment one can enter into the unknowable.

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